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Baby its cold outside! But we are ready to help you warm up with fun steps and modern tunes. Throw a dance party right in your room with Ms. Rachele! Learn a full choreography or try your improv skills to winter themed songs. No matter what, this class will warm up your heart.

Whatever the holidays will bring, stay calm and centered with our yoga class! No prior experience necessary. This class covers different aspects important for you: focus on mindfulness and relaxation with different breathing techniques. Improve your flexibility with fun yoga related activities, like visiting the jungle, doing alphabet poses and others, so open up your mind and say om!

Mr. Bobby can’t wait to share all the creative techniques with you! Try some leaf printing, paint like Kandinsky and express your emotions through drawing. Follow step by step directions and see your creations come to life. These art classes are a perfect for this weather and we hope you can join us!

STEM Club - AVAILABLE online
Say no more! Our activities will encourage you to think outside the box and become the next innovator. Learn about electrostatic, make fake snow, create fluffy slime and other mind-blowing experiments. Follow Mr. Nate along and have fun learning.

lEGO Club - AVAILABLE online
From engineering skills to public speaking, LEGOs are great way to get you thinking!
Join our Lego classes and work on projects to practice symmetry, test the resistance from a high fall, create a slope and much more! At the end of class, practice your public speaking skills by explaining what pieces you chose and why. Is never a dull moment when Legos are involved.

CRAFT-MAKING/SEWING - will be offered when schools reopen in person

Sewing knitting, crocheting, embroidery.
We will teach your kids basic sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery and other crafts. What better way to keep them busy and creative when their homework is finished?

DRAMA - will be offered when schools reopen in person
Young actors are invited to begin their theater adventures here!  Actors will work together to explore the basics of improvisation and acting skills while working on their own production based on some well-known stories, learning how to develop characters and plot along the way.  Creativity is encouraged, laughter is guaranteed!  Final class will perform for friends and family. 

CHESS - will be offered when schools reopen in person
This game has been found to develop critical and logical thinking skills, sportsmanship, planning, patience and other important skills. this class combines different methods, like puzzles, online matches and student games to teach everything they need to know to play this game. all levels are welcomed.

Makers club - will be offered when schools reopen in person
Are you interested in building things? Create objects with materials of all sorts. Jewelry making, soaps, candles, etc.!