Classes in Spanish, French, Italian MANDARIN CHINESE AND RUSSIAN

Parents can choose from an array of classes and program options, signing their child up for just a class, combining a class with the activities-based program or choosing to send their child only to the activities-based program. Classes are offered at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels (with placements being made based on skills and age) as follows:

         *Intensive classes: Monday through Friday for 45 min.
         *Semi-Intensive classes: Twice a week for 45 min.
         *Once a week classes: Either Mon, Wed or Fri for 45 min.

Classes for students who already speak Spanish, French or Italian at home

These are special classes tailored for bilingual children. The students will practice reading and writing with material from Spanish, French or Italian elementary schools.

Bilingual After Care Programs

These are a fun, activities-based program involving games, music, dance and arts and crafts conducted in the foreign language that gives the children the opportunity to experience the language in a more relaxed, less structured way. Not involving direct instruction, the program aims to reinforce an interest in the foreign language through play, music and arts and crafts. Participating children also have access to supervised playtime on the Murch playground weather permitting.

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